Summer Interns 2014

Here is our first batch of CAMP summer interns! Follow their experiences on our mentor blog.

Janella Chan (Kaya Collaborative)


Janella was born and raised in Manila, Philippines and is an incoming high school junior at Immaculate Conception Academy. She deems herself as an optimistic, happy-go-lucky kind of girl who finds comfort in the beach - known as one of the things that can give her joy if not sappy films, mellow music, and sweets. Growing up, she was fond of involving herself with idealistic individuals and movements that tested her capabilities. With this mindset, nothing has interested her more than gaining a helicopter perspective through engaging in the most eye-opening learning experiences, leading her to intern at Kaya Collaborative. It is for her, the first step to sharpening, polishing, and strengthening Filipino culture among those who have detached themselves from it.

Shannelle Chua (Town & Country)

Shannelle Chua is just generally uncomfortable with others, so describing herself is something she hates. A lot. You can usually find her holed up in her room 99% of the time, reading or blogging, both two very time consuming passions. She's usually very laid-back with a one-day-at-a-time attitude, but with college coming up, she's quite stressed. She's currently an intern at Summit Media for Town & Country.



Linet Dumag (Bambike)

Linet Dumag is an incoming sophomore at Assumption Antipolo. She like eating sweet, salty and fried food, watching comedy TV shows and movies and reading novels. She loves to mix and match clothes, play volleyball, and act and perform in front of audiences. She chose to intern at Bambike because it's somewhat like "hitting two birds with one stone." She wishes to be able to be part of the company's cause of being dedicated to social and environmental stewardship through providing work to the poor who build green bikes using bamboos. She looks forward to an enriching and fruitful time at Bambike as she learns about the realities of Filipino society while meeting new and different kinds of people along the way.


Jolo Fernando (Mind Museum)

The stage has always been a third home to Jolo, an incoming senior at Philippine Science High School. Despite his areas of study, he always had an interest in the theatre arts. He performed 4 productions so far and isn't stopping there. However, he never forgets his factual side. Environmental Science has always been within his interests and he doesn't intend to leave it as a dream. He plans to take up Environmental Engineering for this man's a green-minded one. All in all, he wonders what changes he could do as one person and how he could produce a domino effect into saving the environment.


Korina Gaw (Action Stack)


Kori is an incoming senior at the Immaculate Conception Academy. She is an active member of the student council, treasury staff and school fair committee as well as her batch’s intramurals team. She is currently enjoying her summer internship at Action Stack, where she never fails to discover more about handling business in the growing innovation economy. She plans to use her gained knowledge to create her own social enterprise in the future; her vision stems from a desire to address and tackle the issues that plague the Philippine society such as apathy, poverty and discrimination. A bully with a cause, Kori continues to use her aggressive and ambitious nature for the common good. She desires to genuinely reach out to people and aid in maximizing their full potential.


Alexander Go Tian (TAYO Awards Foundation)

Alex is an incoming senior at Xavier School Philippines. He has been an active member of his school’s dance group called Dance X and school clubs and committees ever since he was a freshman. Alex loves football, basketball, swimming, running, badminton, and table tennis. When he is not outside playing sports you can easily find him reading a book or hanging out with his friends. He hopes to make the most out of every opportunity that may prepare him for college and the real world. As such, he looks forward to his internship with TAYO Awards Foundation and how it will affect his personal growth.

Annicka Koteh (Office of Sen. Loren Legarda)

Annicka is an incoming junior at the Immaculate Conception Academy. When she's not bogged down by schoolwork, you can probably catch her engrossed in a story, whether it be from a book, movie, or television show. In general, she likes to write, especially for the school newspaper. As a legislative intern at the Office of Senator Loren Legarda this summer, she expects to gain deeper insights into how lawmakers respond to Filipinos' needs. She hopes to play some part in uplifting the conditions of Philippine society through her internship. She's thrilled about lending her support to Senator Legarda's many advocacies, particularly those on environmentalism and children's rights. 


Joshua Lim (Kaya Collaborative)

Josh is an incoming senior at Xavier School. Coming from Richmond, Canada in the summer of 2012, he began his Xavier education in sophomore year. He is a proud member of a number of clubs and committees such as the Xavier Debate Team, the Xavier Science Guild, the Ignatian Student Leadership Forum, the Red Cross Youth Council, and the Xavier Teenpreneurs. Having lived in Canada for 4 years, he has experienced what it is like to live in a country where its citizens are given numerous opportunities to better their lives. Josh is looking forward to taking concrete steps to eventually alleviate this injustice and do what he can to level the playing field for all Filipinos across the globe with Kaya Co. 

Anne Pangkalinawan (Mabuhay Restop)

Anne is an incoming fourth year student at St. Paul College Pasig. She enjoys reading books and writing – she has uploaded some stories on Wattpad and has a blog called "It's time to be brave." Anne entered Mabuhay Restop as their intern for she wanted to expand more of her communication and social skills, also wanting to promote the Philippine scenery through the city tours Mabuhay Restop provides. She looks forward to spreading the word about “Voluntourism,” which means volunteering while touring. Since Mabuhay Restop gives 30% of what they earn to Gawad Kalinga, she’d like the tourists or whoever arrives at their doorsteps to know that what they’re doing is helping hundreds of families have a home.

Eduardo Peralta (Mind Museum)

Teddy is an incoming sophomore at PAREF Southridge School. He was born into an extremely competitive family with siblings constantly trying to one-up each other resulting in his having a good eye for opportunities and following up on them giving him the means to fulfill his drive to be successful in all parts of his life. Because of his drive for success, Teddy realized how imperfect the world around him was and how much it could be improved. He decided that he wanted to improve it, to leave a lasting legacy that would make the world a better place. Deciding to start small first, he joined the COMELEC of his school to ensure that the student government would take things seriously and actually be productive. Later on, during his term as part of the student council, he planned many outreaches for typhoon victims and together with OML Philippines, raised money to donate solar powered lights to help undeveloped parts of the Philippines.


Kimberly Sanchez (

Kim considers herself three things: an art dilettante, a band aficionado, and a massive K-drama fan. She studies at Philippine Science High School Main Campus and though she swears to be fascinated by science, she's an all-around artist at heart. She is a current intern at where she aims to further develop her graphic design skills. She dreams of one day making a career out of her love for the arts and deems her internship as a first but vital step to this goal, all while interested in the concept of helping the country in the process.




Alyssa Ty (Sari Software Solutions)

Alyssa Ty is an incoming senior at Immaculate Conception Academy. She is an active member of her school’s glee club as well as Youth Life Christian Community (ICA YCLC) where she teaches kids and raises money for charity every Saturday . She enjoys baking, travelling and trying out new things. During the summer, Alyssa works as a Day Camp Counselor in California Summer Camps (CSC). She is a current intern at Sari Software Solutions, hoping to learn the different aspects of creating software. Through the experience she hopes to be able to gain confidence in speaking and in expressing one’s ideas, to have new knowledge of the industry and to be able to contribute in creating innovative ideas for society.

Matthew Yap (Hybrid Social Solutions, Inc.)

Matthew Yap is a junior at Xavier School who dreams to be a doctor by day and club DJ by night. A passionate athlete, he loves to play tennis and hopes to further develop his skills in the future. He is currently an active member of both the Christmas Committee and the Xavier Science Guild and a writer for the Stallion newspaper. Matthew currently works as an intern in Hybrid Social Solutions Inc. (HSSi), an organization that aims to provide sustainable resources to poverty stricken communities that do not have access to electricity. He is very eager to work for this company because he believes in making a difference in the lives of people and aspires to help the Philippines combat poverty. 


Irah Zapanta (

An avid gamer, Irah constantly fights his way through dark tombs with Lara Croft or endless battles in Tekken. Seeking academic opportunities, he accepts his fate as an intern at In his adventure he visits a whole new world offering challenging quests and side-missions. He meets people from different walks of life and works with them for the betterment of the company by contributing relevant articles, posters and other outputs to bring educational enlightenment to those bereft of information and awareness. Aside from reaching out to other people, he also wants to develop his interpersonal and writing skills. His internship experience will hopefully lead him to the treasure: a brighter future ahead.