Our Sister Groups Worldwide:

Brazil Student Council on Undergraduate Education (BSCUE)
Contact: Lucas Freitas, Harvard '15

College Admissions Mentors for Africa (CAMA)

College Admissions Mentors for Peers in the Czech Republic (CAMP Czech Republic)
Contact: Karolína Durdová New York University Abu Dhabi

College Mentors for Students in Madagascar (MadaMentors)
Contact: Leila Pirbay, Harvard '14

Ethiopians Applying to American Colleges (EAAC)
Contact: Israel Desta, NYU Abu Dhabi '15

Forge Mentoring: India
Contact: Namrata Narain, Harvard '15

Kenyans Applying to U.S. Colleges (KAUS)
Contact: Brian Mwarania, Harvard '15

Nigerians Applying to United States Colleges (NAUSC)
Contact: Chisom Okpala, Harvard '15

Sri Lankans Applying to the U.S. (SAUS)
Contact: Sabrina Ghouse, Harvard '15

Tanzanians Applying to the U.S. (TAUS)
Contact: Kimberly Mihayo, Harvard '15