Mentee Contract

As a mentee for CAMP Philippines, you agree to and/or understand the following terms and conditions:

  1. That the guidance and advice provided to you will be given to the best of your mentor’s abilities and with your best interests at heart,

  2. That the guidance and advice provided to you is formed out of your mentor’s own set of personal experiences with the college admissions process, and any other useful information he or she has otherwise learned or gathered,

  3. That the guidance and advice provided to you could be based personal opinion but that this resulting information is not representative of CAMP Philippines, its administrators, or any of its affiliates other than your mentor,

  4. That your mentor has been paired with you on the basis of the questionnaires that you filled in order to participate in the program, and that an incongruous match must be reported immediately so as to facilitate an immediate switch,

  5. That your mentor is not obligated or obliged to provide advice or information that makes them feel uncomfortable or that they are unwilling to give, and that the same applies to you,

  6. That you are not obligated or obliged to follow or listen to any of your mentor’s advice on matters related to your personal choices in the college application choices, and, conversely, that they may not force any particular decision or choice of action on your mentee,

  7. That either you or your mentor has the right to inform the administrators of any sentiments of dissatisfaction or any inappropriate communication, including the right to request for a new mentor or mentee,

  8. That you are not to hold your mentor accountable for any college rejections, disappointments, or losses that you may receive during the course of the mentorship program.