Resources For Counselors

Counselor Recommendations: An Overview

Unlike teacher recommendations, counselor recommendations reflect the overall performance, character and successes of a student. It bridges what the student has accomplished inside and outside the classroom, within school walls and outside of it. Ideally, it will provide a more holistic review and recommendation of the student as a counselor should know and understand the student on a deeper lever. It should display a greater knowledge of the student as an individual.

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Choosing a school

When thinking about studying abroad, remember: consider all your options. Often students, parents, and counselors alike forget to look beyond the United States and elite schools. Colleges and universities in many countries across multiple continents offer amazing higher education. 

CAMP has prepared the following guides to help you and your student explore the different options in studying abroad:


Counselor Recommendation Dos and Dont's (PDF)

This document from the aims to provide guidelines for guidance counselors when writing their college recommendations for students.