CAMP Guidebooks


Download these guides prepared by CAMP mentors:


Request for Information Template (DOC)

This document contains an email letter template that you can send to an admissions office requesting more information about their college. Change the highlighted fields to personalize your message!

Application Timeline (PDF)

This document contains a suggested timeline for students who have started to apply to college. We hope to convert this into an actual interactive calendar in the future!

NACAC Application Fee Waiver (PDF)

This form may be filled out by a student's guidance counselor or school principal and submitted to a university to have them waive the college application fee.

OACAC Financial Aid List (PDF)

This document lists universities that gave financial aid to international students in 2009-2010, the number of students awarded with aid, and the the average aid given to each student relative to the cost of tuition. 

Student Profile for Teacher Recommendations (PDF)

This document contains a series of questions that you can answer and give to your teacher to help them get to know you better before writing your letter of recommendation.

Student Request for Teacher Recommendations (PDF)

This document contains a series of questions to let your teacher know why you want them to write your recommendation and what information you would like them to focus on in their letter.


CAMP Tricks (PDF)

This document contains a list of (hopefully) helpful suggestions that we think can streamline your application. In it we assess choices that can have a big impact on your success.

CAMP Guidebook for College Applications (PDF)

This document is a collection of all our mentors' advice on the college application process in one comprehensive guide.

CAMP Guidebook for Teacher Recommendations (PDF)

This document contains detailed tips and guidelines for how to write teacher recommendations.

CAMP College Presentation Powerpoint Slides (PDF)

This document contains the slides from our 2012 School Visit presentation.

CAMP SAT Boot Camp Guidebook (PDF)

This document was the guidebook we used at our first ever SAT boot camp. It contains tips and tricks about the exam.

CAMP SAT 30-Minute Practice Test (PDF)

This document contains a 30-minute practice SAT test compiled by CAMP.