What Can I Do With A Major In...?

(This post has been recovered from the vaults of 2012.)

For those of you who are thinking ahead…

One of the major advantages of acquiring a liberal arts education is the variety of career options that you can have after you graduate. Instead of being confined to a single career field, you’ll find yourself feeling more competent to apply the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired in your liberal arts education to multiple careers.

The website What Can I Do With This Major? provides insight on the variety of career fields that different colleges majors can lead to. You’ll find that being and English major doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to end up working for a publishing company, or that a major in Philosophy would only exclusively lead to either law school or Theology. This site does an amazing job of reassuring you that your major will not define the rest of your life.

If you’re having doubts about applying to a liberal arts college, or if you think that your intended major won’t be able to yield a successful career, you might want to check this website out and think again. Also make sure to take note that for U.S. liberal arts colleges, you usually don’t have to declare your major until the second semester of your sophomore year, giving you ample time to not only explore different fields of study but also decide which field you want to concentrate on for the rest of your college career.

Kaye Kagaoan graduated from International School Manila in 2011. She now studies Creative Writing at Hamilton College as a member of the class of 2015.