The Mind Museum Internship Experience

This summer, we asked our CAMP summer interns to share their experiences on our blog. Here’s Eduardo Peralta’s first post:

My internship at the mind museum, which took place over the course of 23 days, started on March 31 and ended on April 30.

On my first day, I had a briefing on the project, and my role, in the morning.  I was given a guided tour of the Mind Museum in the afternoon.

My role was to be part of the curatorial staff. My project was to come up with slides for an upcoming exhibit on Filipino Scientists. Each of the Filipino scientists were to be depicted in a slide with a narrative portrayal of their life and their significant contributions. The target was to complete the project in time for the exhibit launch on 02 May 2014.  The other components in the Filipino Scientists exhibit were holograms of the Filipino scientists talking.  Both the slides and the holograms were to be continuously running in the exhibit.

The Mind Museum is the first world-class Science museum in the Philippines. In its establishment, they collaborated with foreign science experts and the National Geographic organization. However, it is pretty small relative to other Science Museums in developed countries.

In terms of content, it is very similar to those in other countries.  The fossils of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the life size model of the whale shark, in particular, were similar to what I have seen in the Museum of Natural History in the Smithsonian Institute in the US. There was also a very interesting showcase of the human brain, large enough to walk through.

Eduardo Peralta is a high school student at PAREF Southridge School.

The CAMP summer internship program is designed to provide high school students with professional work experience before attending university. Read more about the program here.