First Impressions of Sari Software Solutions

This summer, we asked our CAMP summer interns to share their experiences on our blog. Here’s Alyssa Ty’s first post:

My first two weeks working at Sari Software Solutions was filled with a lot of mixed emotions jam-packed with exciting and enriching experiences. Working at Sari gave me a whole new perspective of the business industry as well as enrich my knowledge in technology and the digital world.


My first day was surprisingly fun. I was nervous at the start because I was expecting my co-workers to be uptight or having an awkward first day but all of my fears were put to rest once I stepped in the office. All of the employees were really kind and supportive ;quickly welcoming me to their big Sari family. They quickly filled me in all their past and present projects and how through these projects they hope to achieve their mission of creating new technology that will help Sari Sari store owners in their business (sounds like a run on sentence). Later that week, They invited me to attend their monthly general assembly and staff meeting. The meeting made me realized how hard it actually was to maintain a start-up company such as Sari. Without the dedication, passion and hard work each person contributes to Sari, there would not be any innovative technology to put out. It made me appreciate my job as an intern more and motivate to(hopefully) help them in their future projects when the opportunity arises.

This opportunity came pretty fast when I was invited to tag along with the Sari team to the attend the Intel mobility roadshow at the Mind Museum last Thursday. The Intel mobility roadshow is a chance for all of Intel’s new partners (such as Sari) to showcase their products to other business partners of Intel,hopefully creating more business ties around. During the conference, I helped present the new Sari scanner by demonstrating how it works to the audience. I also able to sample the new unreleased products of Intel which made my inner techy nerd jump with joy. I was able to learn new insights of digital media industry through the different companies that presented their products in the conference as well. There was a variety of companies specializing in different genres integrating technology to their company Some companies created software used in education, others companies for gaming. This gave me a wider scope of things, how technology can help shape different parts of society. Overall the conference was insightful to me.The day ended on a high note with a field trip to Mind Museum exhibits  hanging out with the awesome team of Sari Softwares.

(Sari Software presenting Sari Load)


My first two weeks at Sari have been amazing so far.  Through the opportunies so far, I was able to experiences stepping  out my comfort zone to meet and people and present a presentations to strangers . I was exposed so many new things that led me to gain a lot of new knowledge and information. I can’t wait for what’s to come.

Alyssa Ty is an incoming senior at Immaculate Conception Academy.

The CAMP summer internship program is designed to provide high school students with professional work experience before attending university. Read more about the program here.