Endings Are The Best Part

This summer, we asked our CAMP summer interns to share their experiences on our blog. Here’s Linet Dumag’s second post:

My second and last month in my internship was more interesting. I was assigned to more tasks. They were time consuming but bearable. Those include decoding calling cards into the mailing list, stamping the back of our business cards, making a costumer comment/ suggestion sheet, modeling for our flyers (I’m at the back!) and being an extra for a video.

The mailing list serves as a continuation of what the intern last year of Bambike did. It was in an excel document I started at 210 and ended exactly at 700. (No exaggeration intended it was that many) Making the costumer comment/ suggestion sheet was fun because I put serious questions with enthusiastic and cute answers such as “Of course!” or “I felt like royalty”. Another time was when I went biking around Intramuros and taking pictures with my co-workers. Then suddenly the OJT in our team made a flyer and I saw that she used a picture with me at the back. Our boss was saying stuff like this is the start of your modeling career. It was so funny.  

Their common ground is having connections. A business won’t be successful without them. You can’t spell business without an us! (I just thought of that) You need connections to get you associated with new and needed ideas and resources. Connections are what got Bambike where it is right now. The concept of the bamboo bike, the Bambuilders from a Gawad Kalinga village, materials and parts to make the bike, other products in the shop and the publicity it is getting on television, internet and magazines etc all started from connections. I am also from a connection- CAMP. Because of CAMP, Bamibike got free help! (Kidding.)

The last day of my internship was awesome. I get to be an extra for this video run by Norwegians about telecommunication. I was in the background acting natural. (I was laughing inside) Also I bought my own Bambike. Partly for remembrance, another part for me to go biking again and another part to say thank you and give more help to my host company. In the end of the day we took some pictures; my boss and I and with the whole team. We said our thank yous, I will miss yous, it was nice having yous and come back again soons. This experience was a truly different and fruitful one. On my ride home I thought to myself “Why not start a social –ecological enterprise when I grow up?”

Thank you very much CAMP and Bambike!!!

Linet Dumag is a student at Assumption Antipolo.

The CAMP summer internship program is designed to provide high school students with professional work experience before attending university. Read more about the program here.