College Admissions Mentors for Peers in the Philippines provides and expands international education opportunities for young Filipinos.

Kimi, Kaye and Michi at their International School Manila high school graduation in 2011.

CAMP Philippines was founded on May 16, 2012 by three former Filipino scholars at the International School Manila, Michi Ferreol (Harvard College '15), Kimi Rodriguez (NYU Abu Dhabi '15) and Kaye Kagaoan (Hamilton College '15), to bridge the international education resource gap between international school students and local school students.


CAMP Philippines' mission is to provide and expand international education opportunities for young Filipinos, regardless of their socioeconomic background or status, to equip them with the skills and experiences they need to help the Philippines succeed in a global context.


In providing resources and guidance for applying to colleges abroad, it is our wish that Filipino students may be given the opportunity to expand their horizons and seek out the best possible education available to them. However, greater than just personal development, our overall vision includes encouraging students to bring back everything they have learned and gained to the Philippines, their home country. By doing this, we not only create a generation more readily apt and equipped to make lasting change, but also a stronger, enlightened, and more united nation. 

CAMP 2014 mentee David Ongchoco visits the University of Pennsylvania, his future college.

CAMP Co-Founder Michi Ferreol talks about why CAMP was founded and the work we do every year to reach out to local high school students about applying to colleges abroad.

Our Plan

AWARENESS: We hold school visits at local high schools all over Manila to raise awareness about overseas colleges and prompt students to consider more than just the standard array of Philippine universities. 

KNOWLEDGE: We hold an annual college conference for high school students to learn about the application process in-depth. This conference includes tutorials, panel discussions, and workshops for everything from how to deal with homesickness to how to ace the SATs. 

MENTORSHIP: We conduct a one-on-one mentorship program, where interested students are paired up with a student currently studying abroad. This mentor helps the student navigate the process and acts as their personal guidance counselor. 

COMPETITIVENESS: We provide opportunities for students to gain professional exposure through our summer internship program. We are also in the process of building an extensive database for international experience opportunities and academic services to help students become more competitive applicants.

Our Purpose

We believe our purpose is three-fold:

  1. We bridge the resource gap between international school students and local school students when pursuing international education opportunities.
  2. We form a support system of Filipinos studying abroad, connecting both international school graduates and local school graduates.
  3. We create a cadre of young Filipinos eager to return to the Philippines and effect social change.
 Alonzo Virata (Stanford '15) and Moonie Sohn (NYU Abu Dhabi '17), members of CAMP's Executive Team.

Alonzo Virata (Stanford '15) and Moonie Sohn (NYU Abu Dhabi '17), members of CAMP's Executive Team.